Father's Day is around the corner.  There are a number of ways that I used to  approach the dad gift buying. Not saying you should pursue any of these...but you could. 


1) Buy him something that I thought he would like that he didn't already have.  Essentially impossible.  If I could afford it,  and he would like it, then he had already bought it for himself. Never the skimper on self reward that one :)

2) Buy him something that I knew I would like, and that he would like just enough to hold onto but not notice when I usurped it.  Like a circle saw.

3) Try to re introduce him to something from his generation that I wished he was more into cuz I thought it was cool even though he didn't. Like when I bought him Pink Floyd's  The Wall on CD.  I thought maybe we could drop acid together and watch it with the Wizard of Oz. I’m ultimately super glad that he did not share this vision.

4) The fourth option is potentially the best.  Get him something novel, stylish and locally made.  Unfortunately ZB Savoy didn't exist until the last year of his life.  But he would have appreciated a small smattering of locally produced, handmade Men's accessories like a ZB Savoy leather wallet, necktie or set of personalized cuff links 

5) Consider making a donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of America in his name.  It would be a Happy Fathers day gift to him as well as for men everywhere.