ZB Savoy is an authentically Californian men's accessories brand.  Started in 2012 in San Diego, CA, the brand focusses on bags, leather goods, and neckwear.   We believe that the modern man must be well rounded.  We believe in feeling as confident in the ocean, on a mountain or on a motorcycle as one does at a black tie event. We believe that creativity gives the world meaning, and that your individual style is an expression of that creativity.  We believe in doing rather than saying. We believe that getting your hands dirty is neither better, nor worse, than cleaning yourself up.  We believe that life is worth truly living.


There are certain articles of clothing, objects, and pieces of gear that stick out in all of our minds. We call them our "favorites".  It may be an old hunting jacket passed down from your father or a bag that has lasted generations or a hat you picked up on a quick run to baja.  Whether it is because of the item's usefulness, its style, its durability, its simplicity, its uniqueness, or simply what its story represents, these pieces mean something.

Our mission is to make pieces that mean something. Through simplicity of design, maximum utility, and an Authentic Californian heritage aesthetic, we strive to make and sell products that are meaningful to you and to us.



Founder Zach Barnhorst on growing up in San Diego -

"San Diego is one of those cities that has so many transplants that people always seem a bit shocked to meet a native.  They look at you like they have found a rare species of lizard or something.  But we are here. In fact, all of the kids I grew up with  ...they're ALL natives! I know lots of em.

San Diego provides a unique childhood and teen experience.  The beach culture is inescapable. So, while I played little league, I also surfed the local youth surf contests.  And while winter brought slightly cooler temperatures, you're basically still on a skateboard, its just in 68 degree weather instead of 78 degree weather.  And partying as a teen generally included a fire pit on the beach.  It's not a bad way to grow up. I highly recommend it.

My point is that these sun drenched Californian days, the ruggedness of my childhood stomping grounds at Sunset Cliffs and the draw of the open road through the Californian desert have informed every bit of my inspiration and creativity. 

I hope to be able to bring pieces of that Authentic Californian charm to all of our work and to be able to share it with our customers around the world." 

ZB getting after it at the local  


Zach on being a maker - 

"I currently design everything we do and still cut and sew some of our bags and other leather goods.  Its something that I have enjoyed doing since the start of the company. Friends will come by the shop and see me at the industrial sewing machine or the leather press and say, "whoa, I didn't know you were actually making this stuff yourself!"  But I am! Thats part of the fun!

I love making stuff, I always have. I built skate ramps when I was young. I (very) briefly went to college in Colorado for art with a focus on sculpture.  If there were "projects" to be done around the house when I was a kid, I was sure to be the only one of the four Barnhorst children to get the call from mom.  That also might have been because I was the only person who owned a set of tools.

But using my hands to create things has always come naturally to me.  Be it physical products like a weekender or wallet, or less tangible things like music."


idle hands... and all that