About Us


Why bowties?  I get this question a lot, which is great!   Here is my answer...

First things first,  we are so much more than a Bowtie Company. We make so many great accessories,  from the suspenders to the cufflinks to our new Wingman Tieless Laces.  Everything we do we care immensely about and we take the time to (hopefully by your standards as well as ours) do it right!  We care about our suppliers and the people with whom we work right here in the community.  We hope that the impact we have on the people around us will ALWAYS be a positive impact.  

But I digress... back to the question of why bowties?  Why did we start with bowties?

I was a songwriter and musician in my youth. In my 20s I fell deeply deeply in love with the process of recording and moved to LA to become a recording engineer and record producer.  I worked with some truly amazing artists, the type of people that have so much talent in their baby finger that it almost makes you sick to your stomach...know what I mean?

Then one day after 10 years of working on some major label releases with people like the Black Eyed Peas and Pharrel and 311 and Tim McGraw and so many other great talents,  I realized that I hadn't written a song or played a live show in over a year. I was too busy engineering!! I decided my time in LA had been well spent, but it was time to get back to San Diego which was maturing as a city and had some great things happening in the craft beer and specialty cocktail realm.  I decided I wanted to play music full time. I started booking 5, 6, 7 gigs a week. Wine Bars, regular bars, private events, weddings, corporate I played it all. And I wanted to have a signature mark so that people who didnt know me would have a way to refer to me... like," we loved that guy in the bowtie last time we were here, is he playing again this week?" Boom. Bowties.

The thing I hear the most from people who walk into our shop in San Diego is, "Until I saw your stuff, I was having the hardest time finding bowties that I thought were cool and didnt look like EVERYthing else out there!" I take these people in my arms, I give them a big hug and let them know that they are in the exact place that I was in before I started the ZB Savoy Bowtie Co. 

Truly, I just wanted to be able to wear cool designs when I went to play.  Designing and making them myself seemed like the best way to ensure that I would like what I was wearing. The rest... is still happening. :)