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Shuck some oysters, drink some beers, and throw a tie on at Oysterfest San Diego

The tie is not dead. In fact, some of the people wearing them are the people that we idolize most thanks to their awesome music and rock star lifestyles. These same people are the influencers of our world, the ones who let us know what is cool and what’s not so cool.

So this Saturday at San Diego’s Oysterfest, when Thievery Corporation, Little Hurricane, Paulo Da Rosa, and The Young Wild take the stage, take a look at their neckwear. 

This fashion trend isn’t new. Take Angus Young from AC/DC’s standard outfit: a suit with shorts accompanied by a necktie. The Roots: ties on ties on ties. Local Legends Truckee brothers: Chris Hoffee is always sporting a necktie (Not to mention, sometimes a ZB Savoy).


The point is to remember that it is our musical influencers that shape the future and define not only the current trends but also future trends. So this weekend, when you are sucking down beers and shucking oysters at North Embarcadero Park in Downtown San Diego, follow the lead of some of our heroes. All of the below tie clad Artists will be rocking their proper festival performance attire. Don’t be afraid to follow suit. Pun intended.

Little Hurricane Necktie       DJ Who and PauloDaRosa        Fishifonics