Opening Day at Del Mar

5 Must Follow Rules to Style Success

The Del Mar Race track opened its gates for the first time in 1937 and Founding Father Bing Crosby was there to welcome the very first patron.Them boys knew a thing or two about how to look proper for the gamblin' season.  Most of what was true then holds true today.  Here are 5 of the big ones.

1) If you are wearing white socks, we don't wanna see em.

2) If you're gonna wear a set of suspenders, you wear that set of suspenders. If you are going to wear a belt, why, wear that belt.  But dontcha go wearin the two of em at the same time.  Be kinda like wearin a bowtie and a necktie together.

3) Far better that your bowtie compliment your pocket square or your lapel flower than that it match it dead on.  Just try to keep it all in the same color family.

4) Get a good hat.  Period.  We are partial to the Panama, but a nice Pork Pie or the classic Boater Straw always looks smashing darling!

5) If you are going to wear your shirt open at the collar and with no Bowtie, well then you may as well just run right out into the middle of the traffic on the 5.... No, no, no sorry about that, what we meant to say was if you are going to wear  your collar open, make sure you have some properly sized collar stays and make your pocket square count!

(Secret Rule #6) If you are winning a gang of money on those ponies... it don't matter what you're wearin'.)

Enjoy opening day. May the women look beautiful, and may the men be the best possible accessory for those beautiful women.

For all of your last minute bowtie, pocket square, lapel flower, suspender needs, visit us at 1028 Broadway Ave in Downtown San Diego CA 92101.