1. Know your measurements (Cost - $0)

            Measure yourself or head to your nearest men’s warehouse and have one of their guys measure you...then run out of that store and never go back. Check in next week when we walk you through How To Take Your Own Measurements. In the mean time remember, a well-fitted suit of moderate price will look better than an expensive suit worn sloppily.

  1. Start with the length of your pants. (Cost - $10-$15)

            Nothing looks less put together than a crumpled up mess of extra pant leg gathered on top of your shoe. Many dry cleaners will offer minor tailoring services like hemming your pants. This small step can go a long way to style up your look.


  1. Pull up your socks (Cost-$0)

            We shouldn’t have to explain this one. We’ve always called socks that fall down “quitters”. Nobody likes a quitter.

If you'd like take it step farther, you can use what the military has been using for decades to keep their formal outfits looking on point. They are called “sock garters” or “shirt stays” and are an elastic straps that clips from the bottom of your shirt (pulling it down and keeping it tucked in) to the top of your socks (keeping them up). Two birds. One stone. Cant beat it.


  1. Tie down your tie with a Tie bar (Cost - $15)

            While we ALWAYS recommend that you wear a bowtie, if you must wear a necktie, consider a simple tiebar to keep it from flopping around, falling in your soup or getting caught in the cogs of some great antiquated machine that may suck you into its gears, crushing your bones and possibly killing you…ok, that might be a little dramatic but the soup thing could happen! Anyway wear a tie bar, These guys will show you how!


  1. Color me laces (Cost - $5.00)

            One of the great, easy to implement, tricks of the trade is to spice up your footwear with some colored laces. Make this look especially proper by “tying” the color of your laces back to the color of one of your other accessories, be it your bowtie, your pocket square, your lapel flower, your socks, etc… your choice.

There are a number of great companies that make cool colored laces. This guy Ian Fleggen has literally too much information about shoelaces. Our friends at Hook and Albert have some awesome colors. Nordstrom's 1901 brand makes saddle shoes and the laces to match.  Or say FU to the laces and get some ZB Savoy Wingman Tielesses.  It your world baby, we're just living in it.