November 15 is Here!


Well Ladies and Gentleman, we had a soft open and pre order period that we promised would last until Nov 15.  We didn't actually tell you what that deadline meant.  But I am here to tell you now!

It means that we are officially open for business!  If you have pre ordered a ZB Savoy Bowtie, that bowtie will ship for you today unless we have worked out some other form of Pick up.  

You can expect to see some minor tweaks to the website in the next week or so, as well as some strong marketing pushes in the coming months.  The more you can help by spreading the word the better!!!  Go ahead and send people to This will lead them to the address but is a little easier to remember.

We are very excited about some of the new Mens Accessories  items that will be hitting the website in the next few months.  We simply can't wait to show them to you.  In the mean time, thank you for your support and stay classy.