PRE ORDERS ONLY!!! (for Jan 15) Thank you for your support and understanding.

 Hi all

Thank you so much for your business and support!  We know this is a crazy thing to do 1 week before Christmas but after what has been a wonderfully successful soft launch of some of our favorite designs, we are not going to be able ship any more inventory until Jan 6 with arrival (to you) by Jan 15.  This is partly due to my (ZB) being in India for the Holidays, The good news is I am bound to come back with some AMAZING fabrics!!!

That said PLEASE feel free to PRE ORDER ANY of the designs that you see on the website.  We have a number of great products and New Designs that will be debuting the first week of February.  So check back in with the ZB Savoy Bowtie Co. soon and often.  

And PRE ORDER a bowtie for Jan 15 delivery today!!!

Happy Holidays from India!!

Most Sincerely,

- ZB -