What Knot to Wear - from Obama to Gatsby

by ZB Savoy - Vintage Inspired Accessories for Today's Gentleman


‘‘Wearing a bowtie is a statement. Almost an act of defiance.’’

–      Richard Kaplan

Bowties are not for every man, but there are bowties for almost ever occasion. For the romantic, non-conformist gentleman of style, bowties can become a personal trademark. However, a side of swagger must accompany. Along with an unforgettable, vintage look- the bowtie has many practical advantages as well. You’re less likely to drip food on your bowtie, get caught up in the cogs of machinery (for the men-of-action), and you eliminate the risk of bearing the over-the-shoulder necktie because you’re drunk and dancing at your best friend’s wedding.

“Ties are more than ever a signifier of power and success. They inspire confidence. The less common and popular it becomes to wear a tie, the more I shall. It's about being classically distinctive.”

-- Dylan Jones

Neckties are classy and subtle, yet powerful accessories. There are neckties for literally any occasion. Wear a necktie to the office to tell your boss you mean business about that open management position. Show up to happy hour and be the center of conversation. Don’t fret about standing out “too much” in a necktie, as they are appropriate to wear in most situations, even informally.

Wear a bowtie if you’re unique and indifferent to other people’s opinions. Wear a necktie to showcase your drive and maturity. Either way, make sure to showcase your unique personality with your knot in a ZB Savoy original.