Dressing For the Races

Dressing For the Races


Looking sharp in a suit is one of the great pleasures of male fashion. Unfortunately there are not many events where a man gets to dress to impress, that is unless you attend horse racing events. No other sport requires men to look their best quite as much as going to the races. In this article we will look at a few pointers on how men should dress for the races to stand out.

The races are a chance for men to show their individualism and experiment with fashion choices. Australian menswear company Executive Style spoke to designers about what men should wear at the races. Australian tailored fashion designers Godwil Charli told them that they believe men should add a “cheeky use of color through hankies, socks and ties…the use of pastels such as green, pink, yellow and orange.” While these flashes of color would seem out of place in the office, at the races they can add real character to your look.

The best part of attending an event such as horse racing is the chance to wear something different. One type of suit that you will often see at horse racing is a tweed suit. Fashion site The Idle Man states that “although they’re typically seen as an outfit for the older gentleman, if styled correctly they can be stylish and maintain a contemporary edge.” There are many different types of tweed and if you are uncomfortable wearing a jacket that is too colorful then picking up a gray tweed is a great way to wear a more subdued color. 

The Idle Man also recommends wearing a patterned suit to the races if you really want to stand out from the crowd. They write that “a patterned suit has a sleek and classic style to it, along with a vibrant edge, making it perfect for the formal yet energetic vibe of the races.” A patterned suit will let the other spectators know that you are serious about how you look and not afraid to take risks.

Even if there is no dress code men should always dress up for the races. Events like the Cheltenham Gold Cup which Betfair labels “the most prestigious prize in steeplechasing” deserve to be honored. You don’t have to be invited to the Club Enclosure to come to the races dressed smart and many men with regular tickets take advantage of the chance to suit up. As Cheltenham is held in the colder months Menswear Style suggest wearing a good coat or wax jacket. They also state that going to the races is one of the few times a man can wear a hat and be in good company and recommend donning a tweed flat cap.

So there we have it, going to the races is the perfect time for guy to suit up and look smart. Hopefully these tips have given you the confidence to put that extra effort in and dress like you belong there.