How to Stay Cool in the Southern Californian Heat

How to Stay Cool in the Southern Californian Heat

You may not have noticed, but its hot outside.  Like SUPER hot.  San Diego prides itself on remaining a consistent, “dry” 72 to 75 degrees all year round.  So this 85, 86 stuff is nonsense. 

So how do you stay cool in the summer heat? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get yourself from the beach to an evening on the town without being in a perpetual state of Drenched!

 That said, everyone has their own particular way of living and dress codes to follow.  So lets take a look at 3 different slices of life and what to wear to beat the heat shall we….

 Scenario 1 – “I Don’t Have Shit to Do Today”

ACDC Clearly having an "I ain't got shit to do today" type of day

(ACDC clearly having an "I don't have shit to do today" type of day.)

The Goal: Wake up in the morning. Put on your trunks. Don’t take them off all day and never even think about putting on shoes or a shirt. 

The Benefit: Probably the simplest way to live, therefore maybe the best.  You can get a surf in in the morning, followed by some half naked coffee you brew at home, get right back down to the beach for a hang until the crowd thins out enough (or you get sweaty enough) to warrant a second surf. Rinse, Repeat… this is too easy.   

I also suggest Beach Poker as long as you are living in trunks.  If you aren’t on top of this trend its high time you get with the program.

The Downside: Your lunch and dinner options are probably limited to Rigoberto’s (So basically it’s all benefit and no downside).

Scenario 2 – You have to dress like a normal person

(to be clear, Tom Seleck is not a normal person. ...but he occasional plays one on TV.  ...just not here, where he is playing Magnum PI, who is also very much not a normal person.) 

If for some reason your life requires you to act like an adult and not a beach bum (seems like you’ve made some mistakes somewhere along the way) there are plenty of proactive ways to make “regular people clothes” less…shall we say… “Stuck-to-your-body-in a-sweaty-ass-mess”.

1) Get loose.

Don’t wear that fitted starched polyester blend button up.  Even if it is short sleeved.  The constant contact on your sides, back and pits is going to cause some serious sweating.  You tell me the last time that your love handles were in constant contact with a dress shirt in 85 degree heat and looked up to you to say,” Don’t worry man, I’m cool, I heard the sleeves up on your arms are short”? Exactly.

Wear loose fitting items that allow room for the breeze to get between you and your fabric.

2) Act Natural.

Instead pull out those natural fabrics, loose fitting cottons, hemps (you dirty hippy), maybe that slightly boxy linen shirt you bought in Thailand 3 years ago that you haven’t worn since. Now is your chance my brother!  Give your skin a chance to breathe.

3) Throw on your short shorts.

Wear shorts that are a little above the knee.  Don’t worry, your bros wont make fun of you for showing a little leg.  Well, they actually definitely will make fun of you.  But its gonna be way worth not being a sweaty pig.


 Scenario 3 – Suiting Up


 Wether it’s a wedding, a day at the races, or (heaven forbid) your regular Monday through Friday that’s making you pop on those long pants, coat and tie, it doesn’t have to feel like Dante’s Inferno every minute of the day.  Implementing a classic Southern California men's style to your upscale wardrobe is very doable.  Heere are 5 ways to make dressing to the nines, when its 90, bearable.

1) Keep a couple of unlined coats in the collection. Obviously the fewer layers of fabric the better. (Richard Choi is a master of these.)

2) There is a reason Seersucker is so popular in the south. Its light, breathable, and looks smashing AF. Definitely wear it.

3) A Linen suit is a no brainer. Roll the legs up, forego the socks, sneak a short sleeved shirt under the coat, you’re ready to party my friend. Linen Suits

4) A panama hat or other lightweight straw dome piece that provides some shade is going to A) really impress the ladies and B) keep that burning ball of fire off your premeturaly balding head.   Panama Hats

5) Speaking of burning balls of fire… don’t wear shitty shades. Invest in a good pair of Rayban Wayfarer’s. Keep them in a case.  And don’t loose the case.  They scream,” I know what sexy looks like, and it looks like simplicity”.   Ray-Ban Wayfarer Original