Top 5 Neckwear items that AREN'T neckties.

Top 5 Neckwear items that AREN'T neckties.

Are you looking for that little something that makes your regular old outfit look like the outfit of a guy who really has style? We've got 5 great solutions.

1. The Neckerchief

I was once lucky enough to meet the Fashion Editor at GQ Magazine to show him some of our product. A wonderfully pleasant (and stylish) man. He walked out wearing two collared shirts a sport coat and a neckerchief. And it looked effortlessly perfect.

The Neckerchief is essentially a larger version of a pocket square, often made of silk or linen. It is generally a square 18"-24" in width folded in half to create a triangle (the way you would a bandana). It is worn wrapped around the neck and tied (or clasped) in the front of the neck, often with the tails sticking out atop the shirt.

2. Summer Weight Scarf

The light cotton or linen scarf can serve 3 purposes. It may be used to pop a little pattern or color onto a otherwise neutral outfit. It can be used for temperature control as the warm afternoon turns to a cooler evening. A hanging scarf worn untied between your shirt and coat may added a pleasant looking layer to the traditional sport coated look.

3. Necklace

Men's jewelry has seen a great surge in popularity in the last few years. Nautical themes in particular seem to dominate the bracelet market with anchor clasps abound. A simple leather strap with a masculine charm (anchor or otherwise) is a simple clean way to add a little something something to your open collared look.

4. Cravat

The Cravat is making an interesting comeback (albeit in part ironically). This may be in part because there is something wonderful about having a layer of silk against your neck. The Cravat is shaped something like a very wide and short necktie. It is worn much like the neckerchief except that it is tucked into your shirt.

5. Bow tie

Well ya I am going to mention the bow tie :). The bow tie is stylish, fun, quirky, smart, tongue-in-cheek, luxurious, casual, an outfit centerpiece or a tie-it-all-together accessory. The bow tie is, in short, so much more than a bow tie.