Top 5 back to school MUSTS:

Top 5 back to school MUSTS:

With Summer 2016 sadly coming to an end we are here to offer our op 5 back to school MUSTS:

1. Buy new Shoes
We highly recommend that you accompany your new kicks with a pair of our sweet and simple wingman tieless laces. They make any shoe and slip-on, which definitely comes in handy on those early school mornings. 

2. Get Your Hair Cut.
It is time to make yourself look like a professional again. This means snipping away your summer locks that at this point aren't far away from fitting into a man bun. Say goodbye to the seaweed residue and hello to a fresh cut you don't have to brush.

3. Make a statement.
Introduce your classmates to your newest and finest statement piece. Whether this be a bowtie you rock every Friday or your new 100% genuine leather wallet you purchased in Italy this summer.

4. Buy A New Gadget.
Well we have here a multi purpose hammer tool that we sell in our brick and mortar shop and it is awesome! Although, we do realize that it is indeed the 21st century so your new gadget may look like a new computer, watch, iPhone, iPad, or something else electronic.

5. Go Back To School Shopping.
Now this right here is definitely the best excuse I've ever seen to go on a full fledge shopping binge. The best part about it is that this has basically become a national holiday event and so many stores have put together great deals to allow you to affordably create your new wardrobe.