Prostate Cancer Foundation of America

See the guy up there with the iron grip on his boys and a shit eating grin.  That's my Dad, Howie.  A truly hilarious dude. Later in life he described himself as a small town Indiana boy who somehow struck it rich in life by marrying my mom (a girl he said was well out of his league) and moving out to California.  ...well, that is after the two of them sold all their wedding gifts and bought two plane tickets to europe where they lived in a VW van in the parking lot of the Parthenon in Greece for a couple years while Howie pursued life as a professional poet.  I've since written a couple songs with the old man.  He really was quite gifted with words. 

Howie was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2008 or so.  They hoped they could do the classic scoop and be done with it. That's what happens when you catch prostate cancer early.  You can really keep yourself from letting it get to you in any lethal kind of way.  Unfortunately, for Howie, it had already spread pretty well around his body.  He fought long. Years.  And he fought hard.  Enduring hormone treatments, chemo therapy, radiation and expirimental drugs that had glimmers of hope laced in their unknown ingredients.  And these things worked.  All of them.  Right up to the time when they didnt.

Howie was utterly and completely unique as a human, as a father, as a husband and later in his life as one of my best friends. But he was not unique in the scenario that ultimately lead to his demise.  Perhaps early detection of the prostate cancer in his case wouldn't have saved him. But perhaps it would have. The Prostate Cancer Foundation raises awareness of the disease.  And of the nearly quarter of a million  men that will be diagnosed this year, smaller and smaller percentages of them will die from it due to PCFs campaigns for awareness.

Donate to help this great organization continue spreading the word.  We here at ZB Savoy give a dollar of every one of our ties sold to these fine folks.  We welcome you to join us however you see fit by clicking the picture at the top of the page and making your way to PCF's website.

Thank you for taking the time to hear this story. 


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